Success story of SMART-70 Series | National Driver License

KoROAD is a public corporation in South Korea that manages the country’s road and highway systems.
Their mission was to replace existing printers & enhance driver's license security.

The unique modular concept of the SMART-70’s allowed KoROAD to easily and simply add a Hybrid Flipper to it’s existing system - changing its configuration from a SMART-70SL (IPL) to a SMART-70DL (IPHL) in just a few minutes.



Do you know the SMART-70 Series?

The SMART-70 development started with the concept to overcome the structural limitations of the typical desktop photo ID card printer.
With the fast-printing speeds and low cost-per-card of a large production system, the SMART-70 has a surprisingly small footprint that offers large card and ink ribbon capacity.

The SMART-70…Large card production capabilities in a small easy-to-use system.



SMART-21, New Generation of IDP Card printers

Easy Access, Exceptional Output
Like the SMART-21’s slogan, IDP puts value in the SMART-21 Card printer with EASY ACCESS for every customer and realizes EXCEPTIONAL OUTPUT for small organizations’ brand identity with crystal clear printing quality.




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Privacy Policy

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If customer exercises ‘right to object’ on data collected for marketing purposes by the Company, the Company immediately ceases processing the personal data. Notwithstanding, the Company may process personal data if the Company can demonstrate that its compelling legitimate interest overrides the interests or the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject, or if the processing is for the determination, exercise or defense of legal claims.

Article 6 (Outsourcing of Processing of Personal Data)

Article 7 (Processing of Children’s Personal Data)

The Company does not process personal data of children under 14 (In Europe, children under16). The Company may verify the age at the time of collecting personal data.

Article 8 (Data Protection Officer)

The Company has designated customer center and a data protection officer to protect the personal data and cope with relevant complaint.

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